Last Second Shot

Kyle Muna and Julian Romo

In an overtime thriller, Desert Oasis(6-7) lost a tough game against Spring Valley(11-4) 66-67. The Diamondbacks were up by one in the overtime period, but the Grizzlies made a shot at the buzzer to take the victory at home.  

After a long week of practices, Desert Oasis was faced with a great matchup against Spring Valley. The Diamondbacks were trailing all game, however made a strong 4th quarter comeback to push the game into overtime.

“It was hard walking down the hallway towards the locker room, having lost by only one point, we were so close yet we fell short,” said Coach Bedowitz. “Getting into the locker room I told my players to keep their heads up because i know they left it all on the court.” 

Senior captain Dominique Ford led the Diamondbacks with 18 points, Mason Mich’l also had a major impact on the game with 15 points. 

“We will be going over all the film from the game,  tweaking or changing anything that was misunderstood by our players and coaches,” said Coach Bedowitz.