Don’t Miss Out On Broadway Night!

Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz and Felix Ly

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On Wednesday, January 15th, theater is having a broadway night at 6pm. The theater students have been working hard to impress their audience with their second annual broadway night, so don’t miss out!

Students can look forward to a number of things that the theater department have been working on.

“It’s a bunch of musical numbers composed of solos, duos, group numbers, and entire class of 6th period musical theater ,” AJ Tolentino, theater president said. “A lot of different ranges of musical numbers, like some of the earliest musicals that we could think of.”

The production took on a different process  than usual as students were at the helm of the decisions instead of Ms. Arielle Rosenbaum.

“We come up with our own choreography, we can ask for help but it is mainly the student’s mind which is very unique, and I like this process,” Tolentino said.