New Semester, New Rules

Some new policies have been put into place at the start of the semester

Kyle Muna

Due to students abusing previous policies, many changes have taken place for the start of the second semester in order to rectify what faculty did not like seeing. 

First, the fifty percent policy has been altered. Missing assignments, as well as absent work, will now be put in the grade book as a zero. Only assignments that have been attempted “with visible effort”will result in a 50% if the student receives a score of less than that.

Secondly, the school will begin to re-enforce the badge policy. For students who repeatedly fail to respect the badge policy, it will result in a lunch detention, then a required parent teacher conference, and lastly a three day suspension. The policy was previously put in at the beginning of the school year just requiring students to have it around your neck and visible at all times, if seen without it they were told to put it on or go buy a new one

Lastly, a new policy for seniors only will be put into effect immediately. If a senior is involved in a fight on campus it will result in the loss of the privilege to participate at graduation. Furthermore, if you are caught with any illegal drugs or substances it will result in the same punishment.