Darkness Shines Light on Gun Control.

Keira Glass, Writer

Eminem had released his new song, “Darkness” on Friday, January 17th grabbing the attention of many. Throughout the song he showed his perspective on gun control, as well as an ongoing debate about the topic itself. This song raised much controversy. Many who watched the video had strong feelings either agreeing with Eminem or leaning away from his judgment.

As I watched the music video, I could see how strong Eminem’s opinion was towards gun control. The way he presented the shootings and acted them out really brought out the perspective of how dangerous and frightful guns can be. Even though many people may not have many opinions about gun control, Eminem’s use of shocking events to get a very stern point across, a controversial topic expanded.

Comments on the music video ranged from supportive fans showing love to his views to very extreme hatred. Differentiated standpoints were made by a span of people. As I don’t really have a side to pick about the issue itself, the video did however open my eyes about the big debate that tears people apart.