Elizabeth Borek, Writer

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Just Mercy is based on a young lawyer named Bryan Stevenson, who just graduated from Harvard. He goes to Alabama to defend those who was wrongfully convicted from crimes, or those who can’t afford great representation. He wanted to help people because he meet a young man who was wrongfully convicted, and had a year to live, and Stevenson couldn’t help because he wasn’t a lawyer just yet.

Stevenson then came across a case of a man named Walter McMillian, who was sentenced to death by the court in Alabama for murder of a 18-year old girl named Ronda Morrison who was shot in broad daylight in a dry cleaning shop where she worked.

With the help of a local advocate named Eva Ansley, they went through all the document, all the false statements, and all the evidence that wrongfully convicted McMillian. They had some problems along the way, but they didn’t let that stop them.

I truly feel you should watch the movie because you will be witnessing the true power someone can have on someone else’s life just by fighting for what they know is true. This movie really showed me, what it was like to live in Alabama at the time that black people where free, but white people where still racist towards the black community.

When everything started to come together, and they started finding the right evidence to get McMillian out. They came across recording tapes that the police hide. They found witnesses that where scared to advocate for the false testimonies. The court and police in Alabama tried everything in their power to get everything dismissed.

Over the years Stevenson encountered racism, and legal, and political problems, as he fights for McMillian’s life.