Astros Cheating Scandal

Eli Calandra, Writer

The 2017 World Series champions, Astros, are under a lot of fire right now. The players, as well as the whole Astros organization, have been accused of cheating with via stealing signs with a camera in center field.

Star player, Carlos Correa, is proof of the cheating with his statistics in the 2017 postseason. At home, he hit with a .371 batting average and a 1.164 OBPS. Away from home, he hit with a .211 batting average and a .626 OBPS. This was significant because not only is he is a star for the Astros, but he is a star in the world baseball. And he isn’t the only one with amazing stats at home, the whole team has seen major hitting improvement since the scandal.

“I think this just brings bad attention to MLB. Like, how many other teams have cheated?” said Sophomore, Jordan Metzger.

Overall, cheating in any sport, at any level, is not acceptable. With this situation at hand and others at hand, it leaves the MLB’s audience to be curious of how they will handle cases like this in the near future. This season is going to be a fresh start for the MLB as they’re aware of cheating possibilities .