The New Space Force

Arianna Leuer, Writer

Since the 1950’s the Air Force has overseen any assignments dealing with space; however, President Trump has decided that it’s time to make a change. Not only to devote more time in defending the U.S. outside of Earth’s orbit, but also creating another branch of Military to better enforce those duties.

Nearly a year ago, President Trump mentioned the idea of creating an additional branch to serve. On top of the five previous branches, the new Space Force will be responsible to take on assignments having to do with anything opposing the U.S. that just so happens to be lingering around in the high skies.

At first, those working in the Pentagon were unsure of the idea. Adding a new branch could be costly, not to mention that duties instructed within the Pentagon are already complex enough, this adds more to the to do list. Though, soon enough they came around. Due to decades of continuously fighting war in space, the President demands more focus up above. It’s where the U.S. Military relies most on observing enemy territory and communications to detect incoming missiles.

Therefore it makes sense to add a sixth branch to the services. It’s important to protect the country and in order to do so, there should be more focus on what is being prepared to strike us from outside our atmosphere. Keep in mind that outer space is a global commons. This meaning that anyone can do what they want at their free will. I mean of course there are international laws regarding this territory, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.