Living In A Virtual World

Living In A Virtual World

Arianna Leuer, Writer

Imagine living in a world where there was a way to get back in touch with those that have passed. Literally, be able to physically touch someone that is no longer here. To have the ability to experience their presence once again.

Okay now imagine you are a mother who had recently lost her seven year old daughter. The sadness floods your system. You can no longer cry because there are no more tears left. Everyone reassures you that it will be okay and consults you with an apology for your loss, but all you do is blankly stare and constantly ponder what could have been done differently to prevent her from passing.

You no longer have to visualize the image in your head, turns out it was already aired on a Korean TV Special a couple weeks ago. The program demonstrated the mother using a virtual reality set with touch-sensitive gloves, interacting with her daughter.

It doesn’t necessarily matter who it was that you have lost because everyone has experienced the pain of losing someone significant and dear to their hearts; however, just about no one has experienced being reunited with their lost loved one. It’s not possible, at least not yet. I’m not saying it is guaranteed to happen, but don’t be surprised if sooner or later we have the resources to do this.

There’s many emotions to feel about this idea. Personally I feel scared for those looking forward to such an advancement. A lot of psychological consequences have to be considered before someone decides to go all in with virtual reconcile. It will seriously mess with your head. Then you have to consider the thought of wanting to come back to reality verses getting sucked into fake reality. Meaning that most will probably think with their hearts instead of their heads. They will avoid thinking of how negatively this could affect them in the long run just to be able to reunite with that significant person.

If or when this type of technology is available, people need to be prepared with how dangerous it will be. We cannot forget about the real world we live in because the virtual one may seem happier. It is important for people to realize the psychological toll the experience will have. So until then and hopefully during the occasion that this becomes real, people remember the importance of acceptance. To accept what was lost and move on for what will be.