Murder in the Library


McKenna Bishop and Byron Raymundo

February marks CTE month and as a part of her CTE class, Mrs. Dewitt is having her Forensic Science I class go to library to work on a crime scene.

“My whole goal is to relate real world crime scenes into the classroom. Everything that I teach is industry based skills” said Mrs. Dewitt, Forensic Science I and Advanced Studies teacher.

This current crime scene is the 4th one they’ve done this year out of 5. The crime scenes aim to teach the students how to process a crime scene legally. Following the crime scene the class does is a mock court hearing and trial.

“[We] then [show] this is what they found. There is a prosecuting attorney and a defense attorney that [see] if things match up. It’s all about making sure what happens in the real world is applicable in the classroom.”

Mrs. Dewitt is so knowledgeable on real world crime scenes because she has been trained by professionals.

“We have Metro and other [professional people] come train me and my crime scene team so we know we’re doing it right.”

Soon Mrs. Dewitt and a team of students will head to Reno to compete in a state wide Forensic Science competition. The competition is decided by law enforcement professionals who judge the team as they process a crime scene.

”We won gold for state in 2018 then we won silver for 2019. This year we’re still hoping we can come in the top three.”