SB Elections, Voting Opens Monday

Felix Ly and Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz

The Nevada caucus might be this Saturday but D.O. elections for next year are starting next week. Voting will be held on the Five-Star app beginning on Monday February 24th, and ending on Friday. School elections means new leaders, which is why voting is necessary.

You should vote because you’re voting for who gets to represent you. If you feel that one candidate is going to listen to what you want going on at your school more than another, then that’s one reason to vote for someone.”

— Ms. McInturff

There are a total of four different Student Body positions that are up for grabs. The positions that students can vote for are, President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. As well as the Senior, Junior and Sophomore class positions.

Up for the Student Body President position is Ella Frye (Junior) and Jade Ogden (Junior).

For SB Vice President, Morgan Campion (Junior), Aubri Lopez (Junior), and Nik Zappia (Sophomore) will be the three to battle it out.

There are two candidates running for SB Secretary, Nyiah Truscott (Junior) and Bella Mizzi (Junior).

The final position that is up for grabs is SB Treasurer. There are a total of only two students running, Jessica Higa (Junior) and Amanda Pay (Junior).

Make sure to vote for your new leaders on the Five-Star app.