No rest for staff to keep bathrooms clean

Kylie Grullon

“Can I go to the bathroom?”

Those seemingly simple six words have resulted in a not so simple response lately.

The days when students would grab their teachers unique bathroom passes, go to the nearest restroom and quietly return to class hoping they did not miss something important are gone.

Now when students ask to use the restroom, they have to be scrutinized by teachers before getting a large, brightly colored pass just to get the chance to walk across campus to find the one unlocked bathroom.

Students are left frustrated wondering why this is happening?

Well this is why.

This photo taken on Friday is unfortunately becoming all to common of a problem for the admin team and custodial staff to deal with.

In fact, they have seen worse.

From mirrors being ripped right off the wall to full rolls of toilet paper shoved down the toilet in an attempt to be flushed down.

The days when students use the restroom to go to the bathroom are no longer. Instead it has become a place to meet up with friends, or a hangout, or just an opportunity to destroy the very school that they call their own.

Yes, this bathroom policy is challenging for everyone involved. Admin has to take turns standing guard after the school losing two campus monitors who have not been replaced yet.  Teachers have to wait longer for students to come back to class, and students have to deal with, not only this mess, but also long lines during passing period. With some actually electing to wait until they get home because their fearful to use the school’s restroom.

This is just not right.

And this time, students cannot blame or question Dr. Boeddeker. What choice does she have?

“Safety and security is most important to me. It’s the first thing I think about regarding the school,” principle, Dr. Boeddeker said.

Rather students need to look at their peers and question why they are doing this?  Why are they creating this environment?

If students are unhappy, maybe it is time for them to start looking in the mirror.

Before its ripped off the wall again.