If You Ain’t First, You’re Last



Arianna Leuer, Writer

I was warned that I would feel chills rise on my skin the moment the engines began picking up speed. We were sitting just a bit in front of the finish line, towards the very bottom of the stands. So I knew this was going to be the spot to hear as loud as it’ll get, at least at this particular speedway. After the cautionary laps had begun, my heart started racing. My system filled with thrill as I impatiently anticipated on what the feeling would be like.

The first cautionary lap was over, then the second, and soon enough they were coming around the fourth turn and the sound was incredible. I felt ridiculous standing there with a big smile on my face like a child who just had their first piece of candy.

Though it was my first race, I have never felt something like it before. When people say a noise rattled their ear drums, I hope they have literally felt it from the horsepower of these cars going by. They drive so unbelievably fast you can barely see the numbers on the side as they pass. Then a second later, you get a whiff of racing fuel in the air as the wind blows from their speed. The whole experience is just remarkable if you allow yourself to appreciate it.

The day was monumental for me. Not because I quite literally experienced the rattling of my eardrums, but because it was something my dad had always wished to do with his dad.

Growing up in a small town, people don’t often get to experience big things like that. Before he knew it his dad was gone and he never got to experience such an awesome moment that he would forever remember. So I’m not only ecstatic about how much fun the race was, but grateful for the memories I got to make with my dad as well as the excitement he teaches me to live to experience.

It’s about wanting to feel your ear drums rattle, smelling the race fuel, and listening to the amount of horsepower in the engines. I think everyone should have the opportunity to experience this feeling. Maybe you have never watched a race or have no interest in cars, but I’m telling you the hair on your arms literally stands up the first time you hear it. The sound of these cars as they race by is unlike any other and the feeling just makes you feel alive.