Breakfast for one, breakfast for all

Eli Calandra, Writer

Starting on March 3rd, the Clark County school district will begin providing free breakfast to students at all CCSD schools. This is huge for several reasons, and students are quite excited about this news.

“I think it’s a great addition. Many kids come to school without eating in the morning and especially for me, I’ll be able to get a nice meal before I start my day,” said sophomore Donovyn Reis.

This can especially be important for athletes at school. Many athletes don’t have time to eat in the morning, which can mess up the whole rest of their day. With this new breakfast addition, athletes will be getting the nutrition their body needs, since they are constantly working.

“I always try to eat in the morning but I never have time. I’m definitely excited for this,” said freshman baseball player, Jake Cook.

Students may be excited about this change, but some teachers think otherwise.

“I think students eating breakfast won’t change anything. Not all kids will actually eat, and the breakfast is not actually all that nutritious. If anything, it would probably cause a lot of sugar crashes,” said teacher and baseball coach, Cody Schmidt.

As of now there is no confirmation to this change continuing in years to follow, so you might want to take advantage while it lasts!