Corona Virus: 1, CCSD: 0

Kylie Grullon, Writer

Due to the COVID-19, Corona Virus, rapidly spreading around, the world as a whole has become chaotic. Recently, it has been highly difficult to establish traveling times and many tourist destinations have been greatly affected.

Although flight prices may have dropped significantly, it is at your own risk to travel the world.

For all school districts this has been bad news. All school trips have been temporarily suspended which may end up being cancelled depending on the status of the virus. To ensure the safety and protection of all the students, all out-of-state trips are suspended.

Here at Desert Oasis, there had been three upcoming filed trips out of country. The most recent trips would have been to Greece and Italy, which was immediately suspended due to Italy being most infected with the virus at the time. Other following trips would include Costa Rica and Puerto Rico, which would have taken place in 2021. Both are currently suspended but further information will be given out over time since this will be next year.

Not only trips out of the country are canceled, but the annual California Disney trip is cancelled for seniors. In addition all out of state competitions for sports and organizations have been suspended. Despite the trips being within the country, it is cancelled to prevent any spreading of the virus that has been affected in other areas.

The most concerning about the cancelling of these field trips is if there will be rescheduled dates or if refunds will be given out to the parents and students who paid. No information has been settled yet as this will be a long process for each field trip.

By cancelling field trips, it allows students to say within their state to protect themselves from the virus.