New Semester, New Rules

Kyle Muna

January 14, 2020

Due to students abusing previous policies, many changes have taken place for the start of the second semester in order to rectify what faculty did not like seeing.  First, the fifty percent policy has been altered. Missing assign...

Don’t Miss Out On Broadway Night!

Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz and Felix Ly

January 14, 2020

On Wednesday, January 15th, theater is having a broadway night at 6pm. The theater students have been working hard to impress their audience with their second annual broadway night, so don't miss out! Students can look forward...

Don’t Scream, Sadies is Around the Corner

Ann-ya Cunanan, writer

January 14, 2020

Sadies Dance will be held on Saturday, February 8th at 7pm at the school. The annual dance, typically sees couples wear matching casual clothing. The theme for the dance this year is Monsters Ink. "This is the most casual dance...

It’s Time to Stand and Deliver

Byron Raymundo and McKenna Bishop

January 14, 2020

Next year interested Diamondbacks will have a chance to take a course that will give insight for students who wish to become life-changing teachers.  Desert Oasis will be implementing the new class called Teachers in Training as part ...

Safety Forum Heads Up!

Byron Raymundo and Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz

January 8, 2020

On Wednesday, January 8th, the school will be hosting a safety forum meeting at 5:30pm. Desert Oasis is working hard to improve the strategies for school safety, and in doing so, the school is deciding to pair up with the school...

No More Deans

McKenna Bishop and Felix Ly

January 8, 2020

Desert Oasis no longer has deans with the start of the new semester. The change comes from CCSD superintendent Dr. Jesús Jara's decision to eliminate deans from secondary schools across the district. Schools had the option...

Another Threat, More Absences

Kyle Muna and Julian Romo

December 9, 2019

Due to the threat made this past Thursday, more than 20% of the student body decided not to attend school today. The threat stated “Don’t come to school on Monday unless you want to get shot."  The message found in th...

DO Guitar Quartet Wins No. 1 in Best In Southern Nevada Audition

Abbey Steinman, Editor In Chief

December 9, 2019

Last Saturday, December 7th, DO Guitar quartet Michael Podolsky, Justin Estella, Paul Eakens, and Ethan Kiesel won first place for their audition for Best In Southern Nevada. This competition is known to be dominated by Las Vegas...

Speech and Debate Team Comes Out On Top

Byron Raymundo and Felix Ly

December 9, 2019

The Desert Oasis speech and debate team had a tournament at Rancho High School last weekend.  Schools from across the county participated in the debate about congress. Sophomore Sergio Flores was one of the four Diamondbacks...

It’s that time of the year…to be Silent

Ann-ya Cunanan and Madison Addeo

December 9, 2019

This season's silent night basketball game is on Wednesday against Silverado High School. The "silent night"  game is where attend the game in all sorts of costumes. "This game is typically celebrated in December, close to...

Seibel says goodbye

Seibel says goodbye

December 5, 2019

Guitar’s Winter Concert

McKenna Bishop and Felix Ly

December 3, 2019

On December 10th, Guitar will be performing a variety of songs in their winter concert. "We've been practicing since like the first day," advanced guitar student, Alexia Burton said. " That's when we got our first music, in...

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