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Abbey Steinman
      Greetings my fellow earthlings and thanks for making your way to Abbey101. I am the Chief Editor of our school newspaper. This will be my third year in journalism and I plan to continue it throughout high school. My dream job is to become journalist (for Rolling Stones Magazine) or run my own record shop. I'm from Las Vegas, Nevada, and I’ve been living here my whole life so far. I’m currently 16, but I’ll be turning 17 in October.  I’m half Filipino and half White. Sadly, I’m an only child and I can only speak english. To describe my personality, I think I’m energetic, spunky, and may be perceived as an open book but in reality have the darkest secrets. I try to have the best time with my friends because every moment counts. Without a doubt, rock, punk, alternative, and new wave are my favorite genres of music. Some of the band/artists I adore are The Beatles, Talking Heads, Modest Mouse, and Sam Cooke. I’m also interested in tv shows such as Criminal Minds, Chuck, The Office, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. Continuing, some of my favorite musicals are Moulin Rouge, Rent, and any musical involving Gene Kelly.For the most part, I’m a major fan of any Pixar movie, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. One little known thing about me is, I love to do play my guitar in my bathroom.  In addition, I take pleasure in playing Tetris and Super Mario World.

Abigail Steinman, Editor in Chief

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