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Ann-ya Cunanan
Hiii! So I guess I'll start of with my name? I'm Ann-ya. I'm in the 10th grade this year. Half-way outta prison- I mean school. Exercise is non-existent in my world. All I really do is sleep and eat (I'm eating hot cheetos while writing this). Be cautious of giving me food, cuz i might jus fall in lov-, wait what? I don't know honestly. I sometimes go out, but that's rare. I'm one of the three Desert Oasis wrestling team managers. Typical Asian mom means that the options for after high school is being a nurse or being disowned. I'M JOKING, maybe... well all in all I'm looking forward to is bettering my writing and having an overall good year.

Ann-ya Cunanan, Writer

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Ann-ya Cunanan