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Keira Glass

Ollooo! name is Keira :) fun fact my mom got the idea for my name from the actress that played in Pirates of the Caribbean, Keira Knightly. I'm a fun sized lil girl, 5'0 exactly, and i love being short. I wanted to be in journalism because i love to write, its one of many hobbies of mine...words just flow when I feel strongly towards something. My favorite food is seafood of any kind, and i'm pretty open to trying new things especially food. My favorite places to go is the beach, or home back in New York. My friends describe me as fun, and my friends call me a crackhead...we love that. I like to consider myself as very outgoing, always making new friends. I spend most of my time with friends doing the most random things, but always end up in a good time. I'm close with my mommy :) she's one of my best friends, and someone I will always idolize, who encouraged me to take this class in the first place. I'm usually the person my friends come to for advice and i'm always there to give a peace of my heart to those who need it, trying to put out good vibes. 

Keira Glass, Writer

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Keira Glass