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Kyle Muna
Wassup, my name's Kyle Muna. I ain't really talk to a lot of people but the people i'm close wit know me very well. I Joined journalism because I been innit for 3 years, and I have always just like it. Me and my friends mess around during our free time, I barley take anything seriously, but if i do it's probably my daughter, close friends, and sometimes school. I have my future planned out, i'm trynna be a nurse like every Filipino, work hard for the money. I mainly care about money and my daughter(sister)...i just call her my daughter. I never had it easy in the past but i consider myself a strong, independent person. I never really needed anyone but i love and appreciate the people that ride wimme. I'm just living my life one step at a time like the rest of the world, enjoying the little things and eager to see what my future brings me

Kyle Muna

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Kyle Muna