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Kylie Grullon
Hey heyy! I'm Kylie G and here's a little intro about myself:

I'm very proud of who I am and the tastes of blood that runs inside me being Central American and Caribbean. I proudly show off my culture every chance I get.

I really enjoy English and I am a big fan of descriptive writing (or writing in general). I practice cursive and calligraphy in journals as if they were my doodles. Font is really special to me and I feel that it should live on. I read occasionally on my free time, specifically poetry, as my love runs deep for that type of literature.

I'm a very stand-offish person to the world but I'm really friendly to those who make an effort to talk. I like to keep to myself and stay in my own world. I genuinely cherish the people that are close to me and I appreciate the long term relations I have in my life.

My favorite place to be is the beach. It mesmerizes me as the energy from the ocean is so purifying and clean. I dream to travel around all the islands that I can  just to spend my evenings relaxing to the sound of ocean waves. My ultimate goal though is to visit the world and make a memory of all the beautiful places I've been to.

I'm all for very antique, expressive, and aesthetic styles. I surround myself with out of the normal scenarios and things people would call "weird," because why try to be normal and fit in? I think being yourself is the most authentic way to put who you are into the world.

I hope this year I find out more about myself and what I like, I'm trying to find new ways to manage everything in my life peacefully. I have high hopes for this year as all has been going good. As for journalism, I'm very happy with this class, the people in it and all the techniques I've learned so far.

Kylie Grullon, Writer

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Kylie Grullon