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Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz
Hello everyone! I am Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz, a junior writer for Desert Illustrated, but you can call me Staesha or whatever sits well with you. You don't even need to mention the last name, it's already difficult with my first one. I was born and raised on the Hawaiian Islands, but if we're being specific, Oahu. And yeah, I know that Hawaii is everyone's dream vacation/ home, so it's cool that I got the privilege of literally living on the beach. When you first meet me, I am a really quiet person, but then when you get to know me, well... Let's just say I can ramble on for hours with you about almost anything. Music is something that I absolutely cannot live without, especially the late 90s and early 00s R&B. My go to R&B artist is Boys II Men, one of the best groups out there. I enjoy writing and listening to music, sometimes when I'm really bored, I'll watch a show or two on Netflix and Hulu. I love spending time with my family, just being in each other's presence is enough for me.

Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz, Writer

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Staesha Tadeo-Corpuz